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Welcome to Mother Praxis, a podcast for mothers challenging motherhood norms and reenvisioning maternal praxis for themselves, their families, and our planet. Sponsored by Southwest Perinatal Counseling. Hosted by Dr. Allison Davis.




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Praxis is a process of putting theory into practice. Change is possible. Inner awareness has the potential to lead to outer transformation. 


Mothering is often presented as something we should already know how to do when we become mothers. Yet a developmental approach to the transition into motherhood (called matrescence) shows this representation to be false. Instead, we can investigate mothering as a dynamic interplay between theory and practice, reenvisioning motherhood for ourselves and others as we create our own praxis of mothering.

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Join Dr. Allison Davis, counselor, educator and researcher of maternal mental health and a mother walking this path with you, to explore mothering praxis that nurtures personal and planetary wellness.

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Personal is Planetary
Season 2 Trailer

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"Wow, what an essential topic - matrescence! The developmental period of motherhood. The information that Dr. Davis gives is absolutely vital both for the wellbeing of our species and the soul of all mothers.”

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“Allison has a soothing voice. She encourages and empowers [us] to be confident in their own methods of mothering.”

“It’s funny how things come into your life right at the exact moment you need them. I’ve listened to every episode and am really connecting with the content and the voices of the interviewer and interviewees. Can’t wait for the next episode!”

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